Master’s degree in CatModeling

We will develop an on-campus and online Master’s degree program in CatModeling. This course will be the first of its kind in the US and produce graduate students heavily sought after by the job market. The program will be open to engineers and scientists with a background in disciplines related to CatModeling (math, earth, and environmental sciences, civil and environmental engineering, epidemiology, meteorology, computer science, data science, etc.).

Undergraduate minor in actuarial science

We have an undergraduate minor in Actuarial Science, where the CatModeling materials are offered. This course is administered by the Department of Mathematics and includes 3 credits of “Actuarial Exam”, and for the rest, it is composed of general courses in Math, Eco, and Accounting.

Professional Short Courses

We are organizing a professional short course series on CatModeling, where the professionals hired by large insurance companies can get in touch with state-of-the-art CatModeling techniques and tools. This is the first attempt in this direction and will greatly benefit both professionals and researchers.